Free Range Turkeys

Pasture raised Free Range Turkeys are Available frozen whole or in parts year round. Fresh birds are available the middle of August, early September and of course at Thanksgiving time. If you want a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving, call or email early to pre-order. September and October are NOT too early to get on the list. Our turkeys are $3.89/lb this year, the same as 2015 and 2016.

We have been providing local free range pasture raised turkeys to our community forĀ  more than 20 years. Know where your meat is coming from, and support your local farmer by buying your turkey at Diemand Farm.

Our turkeys come to us at one day old; they are hormone and antibiotic free. When they arrive, they move into one of our barns to be raised on the floor until they are big enough to go outside. From then on, they spend their time hanging out in our sunny fields, drinking our deep well water.

All of our birds are processed on-site and are hand dressed. Personal attention is given to each bird. Every bird is inspected by one of the Diemand Grandmas for the best quality for you and your family.