Festival Calendar

We use our own pasture-raised turkey in foods that we serve at local festivals. The main staple of our festivals is our slow roasted turkey thighs which are hand pulled, then mixed with BBQ sauce and spices to make BBQ pulled turkey.  We serve the pulled turkey on a bun with homemade coleslaw. We also sell our turkey legs, which are roasted then grilled with BBQ sauces to make a hearty meal.

BBQ turkey legs

We also offer vegan options of either Black Bean Quinoa Salad or Vegan Chili, depending on the weather. Other options depend on the festival.

August 4th – Pocumtuck Festival – Turners Falls, MA

September 29th and 30thGarlic & Arts Festival – Orange, MA

October 20th  – Great Falls Festival (formerly known as Pumpkinfest) – Turners Falls, MA