Chicken & Turkey Dinners

Roasted Chicken Dinner

A whole Diemand Farm chicken is stuffed with  lemon, onions, and herbs then roasted with seasonal vegetables. Available precooked or uncooked for you to roast in your home.     
Small Serves 3-4 Cooked $43.00 Uncooked $36.00
Large Serves 5-7 Cooked $56.00 Uncooked $49.00

Roasted Turkey Dinner

Whole Cooked Diemand Farm Turkey Mashed Butternut Squash
Mashed Potatoes Buttered Peas
Stuffing Cranapple or Cranorange Relish
Your choice of 2 Fruit Pies
PIE CHOICES: Pumpkin, Fruits of the Forest, Blueberry, Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb, or Peach (Pecan Pie add $3.50 per pie – Butterscotch Pecan add $4.50 per pie)
Whole Meal Serves 9-12 $200.00 No Substitutions
Additional servings per person $20.00


Chicken halves slowly cooked over a charcoal fire and constantly basted with Grandpa Diemand’s   secret  mix of  oil, vinegar, and spices making this the most delectable chicken you ever had. *Minimum order of 35 halves or 70 quarters* Prices vary depending on how many pieces you order.
Halves per piece $9.00 under 100 pieces $8.50 over 100 pieces Due to a limited availability of our own chicken, chicken BBQ will be made with chicken from Arnold’s meats.
Quarters per piece $4.50 under 100 pieces $4.25 over 100 pieces